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America Is No Accident

America Is No Accident

Wow, what a mental ride we have had in the past three years. I have often said that America is God’s idea--that being the case; America is No Accident.

A parallel to America is found in Exodus 3:17 where God speaks to Israel to leave their bondage in Egypt and as they do God leads them across the sea to the Promised Land. “I will bring you up out of the affliction of Egypt...unto a land that is flowing with milk and honey.” Can you see the similarities between America and Israel? People in both cases sought a land of Freedom; a place where they were free to worship God, a place where they were no longer under an intolerant system where you could not speak your mind for fear of being imprisoned or hanged. They sought for a place where your conscience was not dictated by Monarchs and a system you must oblige or the results would be bow or burn. Not only would this place be a place of freedom, with these factors incorporated into the fabric of the society. There would also be freedom of press, not just propaganda determined by a few. Have you ever considered how wonderful freedom of travel and freedom of equal employment is? Do you know what this spells out for us—FREEDOM FROM, FEAR!!! A place like America could have only been the results of prayer, where a farm boy like Lincoln could rise to the highest office in the nation and go from a log house to the White House.

It was my pleasure to know J.A. Dennis, a wonderful faith preacher, who was a paralegal by profession before he followed the Lord’s call into ministry. He had a profound influence on my life before I came to Heritage. In one of his writings he directs our attention to two verses which cause us to think of the blessing of God on America; blessings which are similar to God’s blessing on His chosen people—Israel.

“Blessed [fortunate, prosperous, and favored by God] is the nation whose, God is the Lord, The people whom He has chosen as His own inheritance.” Psalms 33:12

“God has not dealt (this way) with any [other] nation;They have not known [understood, appreciated, heeded, or cherished] His ordinances.” Psalms 147:20

J. A. Dennis was given a word of prophecy, seventy years ago on December 5th, 1952, it begs to question. “Oh, how can I save you if you refuse to be saved? How can I heal you if you refuse to be healed? How can I give you good things that I long to give you when you spurn my gifts for he world’s treasure and the world’s pleasure? Can you not learn from history from My Word and My Son? Why must you go the way of the Israelites....Read, Heed and take Warning....From the men who have gone before.” In one portion of the prophecy he states that God sent His prophet Jonah to warn Nineveh, they heeded the warning and Repented, they cried out to God and He heard their cry and spared the city. This is the only way for God to spare America—for America to repent or perish. God is long-suffering and not willing that any should perish. I have always lived with short accounts when it comes to God; it is the pathway to immediate victories.

Billy Graham once said, “If America does not repent God will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah. May God have mercy on America is my prayer, we must do more than only believe, we have to roll up our sleeves and fight the good fight of faith. It is a good fight because it is a fixed fight, We Win!!!

We love you and we stand together, AS ONE.

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