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Be A Witness

Be A Witness

To all our brothers and sisters in Christ, who receive our weekly letter,

Have you ever thought of yourselves as deputized by the Lord himself?

But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” (Acts 1.8)

We were deputized to be witnesses I love to think of this as, to be a WITNESS you have to be a ‘WITH-NESS’. It is when we recognize; we are filled with the same Spirit who raised our Lord from the dead, our focus changes. To be filled with the Spirit was the game changer in the Book of Acts. Can you imagine the power surge they must have felt when the Holy Ghost came upon them on the Day of Pentecost? What does it mean to be deputized? To be deputized means to appoint someone as a substitute or to empower. Have you ever thought of yourself as Jesus representative? All of this was set in motion by the Lord’s Ascension to the right hand of God in Heaven’s Throne Room. Jesus had told His disciples it was necessary for Him to go away or else the Comforter the Holy Spirit could not come.

If we are His witnesses, do you think that we need a witness protection program? It is disappointing for us to acknowledge that many just hide their personal witness. This was not what happened when the power surge of the Holy Spirit came into the lives of those who in obedience gathered in the upper room. Look at the opposition they faced:

• Roman officials attempted to discredit Jesus's story by saying he was stolen from the

• The Power Surge of the Holy Spirit in their lives helped them not to yield to their threats
and was not able to discredit their witness of the resurrection.
• The authorities were not able to get those who had been empowered to be a witness, to
change their story!

For the past month we have had a front row seat into what an Occupational Army looks like. We have observed the worst humanitarian crisis in Europe since World War II, the narrative is hard to believe and you do not know what is true or false. It was George Orwell, who said,

“In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

As believers we must do everything we can to proclaim the Good News, which is our weapon in the information war. Under the canopy of the banner of Love I encourage you to ask God for a Power Surge and a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit.

Join us Friday and Sunday as Heidi Reinszen brings us a timely word helping us to discover the greatness within us.

Palm Sunday and Easter 2022 is here and we want to invite you to our special services.


Palm Sunday join with us as we celebrate the Passover with a Seder Service. Bring your family and children where they can learn and understand the value of the Blood of the Lamb.

Easter Sunday we will have a Baptismal Service, Death, Burial and Resurrection is what it is all about.

Because of you and your prayers and support we continue to serve you and the world, we thank God for you daily.

I believe in you,
Pastor Cleddie Keith

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