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Fasting & Prayer 2020

Fasting & Prayer 2020

Here are just a few of the things I find myself praying about during our annual month of prayer and fasting.

1. Prayer and fasting for our President and his family.
2. Prayer and fasting for the President’s cabinet and advisors.
3. Prayer and fasting for Christian brothers and sisters for grace to pray for those who are being martyred by anti-christ regimes.
4. Prayer for a national revival of prayer that will begin in God’s house across the nation.
5. Prayer for an awakening of biblical proportion to sweep around the world.
6. Prayer for fathers to become priests in their homes and to lead their families into a walk with God.
7. Prayer for our eyes to be opened at the breaking of bread when we receive communion.
8. Prayer for the home missionaries to raise up and flood the inner cities of America.
9. Prayer for single-parent families and marriages to once again begin to thrive in love and faithfulness.
10. Prayer for pastors to stand against the tide of secularism and a one-world government theology.
11. Prayer for the peace of Jerusalem.
12. Pray and sow faith into the generation that follows us.
13. Prayer for local authorities and the Long Blue Line.
14. Prayer for the economy of the region and the nation.
15. Prayer for our missionaries' safety around the world.

I walked into our prayer room on Monday morning, and Pastor Renee had a dozen of our Hispanic fellowship praying in the altar area. I was humbled when I realized many of them work in the service industry and the warehouses in the county, and they had time to come and pray before they started their week. I am sure you would think the same thing I did that morning. They did not think they could face the week without the blessing of God on what was before them, and they came to ask him for strength for the day.

I believe in fasting and prayer!

I believe in you!

Your loving pastors,
Cleddie and GayNell Keith

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