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Noah and His Family were Quarantined

Noah and His Family were Quarantined

The idea of being quarantined is not anything new. I was thinking out loud and realized that Noah was quarantined for 40 days and 40 nights. It only takes twenty minutes for us to drive south on I-75 to the ARK ENCOUNTER. Thousands of people visit the ARK AND THE CREATION MUSEUM each day. Several hotels have been built to accommodate the bus loads of people who come here, many from all over the world. Ken Hamm was the visionary whom God has used to bless multitudes through these wonderful family attractions. I actually have a friend who designed a great deal of the ARK ENCOUNTER, as well as, the CREATION MUSEUM. I asked him one day how in the world did you imagine all of this. His answer was without hesitation, i.e. carpet time. In other words, he was able to see what God wanted, and it became a million dollar gospel tract.

In the last few days it ran through my mind that Noah was quarantined in the ark he built. I am sure others also have thought about Noah and his family being shut up in the ark. Just think about it, what is the reason that God chose Noah to undertake such a monumental task. I am convinced that as Noah surveyed what was going on around him and his family, he may have asked, “What is going on?” and “What is wrong with our society?”. He was much like you and I, asking the same questions today. I personally think that he knew by his conscience that things were not as God had planned. Just think, he chose not to live according to what he saw going on around him. His dilemma was much like ours is in today's world. In The Seed Book of Genesis he was called perfect in his generation, and he walked with God. Jesus said, in the last days it would be like the days of Noah. I have said in the past, when the whole world was in liquidation, God kept Noah afloat. I want to encourage you today to Keep Looking Up, Because God is Looking Down. I humorously thought that Noah's family was quarantined with a literal zoo. I have already had some parents tell me it was like their home which had become a zoo also. We need to be like Captain Noah as we face the issue of quarantine. Noah built the Ark to the saving of his house. What is the take away from this:

  1. It was a small percentage of the population that was saved.
  2. Noah was the spiritual leader of his household.
  3. He was prepared for what was coming.
  4. He was obedient to what God had instructed him to do.
  5. He had sweat equity in what he built, and was vested in his work.
  6. He did not quit. He had the ability to complete the task.
  7. He had no idea that the seed shut up in his loin was the Messiah to come.
  8. Noah had no idea that the Son of God would pay tribute to him.
  9. His righteousness paid off in great dividends.
  10. Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord.
  11. The dove that was released came back with an olive branch of peace.
  12. God's rainbow of covenant appeared between heaven and earth.

Our prayers are with you today as the government issues a Stay at Home Order or Shelter in Place Enforcement to include only necessary travel. GayNell and I are praying for you, and we will be calling to see if you have any needs that we can help with. We are in His Grip!

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Your loving pastors,
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