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I sat in a rural funeral home on Monday morning, the first week in November. It was a beautiful new building that had a hint of yesterday in it. The back wall was constructed of pine, the decor was fine antiques and French Provincial. The sun shining on the changing autumn leaves blended with the ambiance inside the parlor.

As I sat there fascinated by the beauty of a Kentucky Fall morning. A friend stood and began to eulogize the deceased, bowing his head his first words were, "My Mom was a good woman".

Then he paid wonderful tribute to her influence on him. The word Mom, rolled off his tongue like a song. "My Mom was the greatest influence on my life, for Christ", Then he paid brilliant honor and esteem to his beautiful Mother. As he spoke, I thought; Yes! It is true the sweetest name in human vocabulary is "MOTHER."

As I left the tears, family grief and regret behind to go face another pastoral week, I thought about the music they played, music that she loved and the faith that her loving son had in his heart, which was the fruit of a Mom's faithfulness.

I was proud to say I was the ministers pastor, TIM EVERSOLE, you were incredible, your Mom would have been and was proud of you.
I was proud of you you were outstanding today.

Your loving pastor,

Cleddie Keith

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