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What do we mean when we speak of atonement? By atonement, we are referring to the substitution that took place when Christ was crucified at Calvary. I personally love the word atonement, and when you break it down and do an etymology on this word, it means just what it sounds like, at-one-ment. When Christ died on the Cross, He took our place, became sin for us, and, as our substitute, removed all that separated us from the Father. Why was this necessary? Because all men, by transgression, had fallen in that the whole human race had the curse of sin and sickness holding us captive. Galatians 3:22 is written to help us see this best, “The whole world is prisoner to sin”. Sin had to be dealt with and sin had to be overcome. The wages of sin with its charges against us had to be cancelled. This is where atonement comes in. What is the necessary means of atonement? It is found in the handbook for the priest, Leviticus 17:11, “It is the blood that makes atonement.” The writer of Hebrews states, “Without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sin.” It was not an after thought for Jesus to die on the cross for us. He is, “The Lamb of God slain from the foundation of the world”. When I admitted my sin, submitted to His call on my life, and committed my life to Him, my world changed as I came to understand all that had been done for me.

A New Age philosophy states that the need of mankind is attunement, to come into harmony with the world around us. However, true attunement can only be attained through the atonement. The benefits are amazing, for we are accepted in the beloved and as part of the family and can began to enjoy the benefits of redemption and mercy.

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