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Twenty years ago on July 17th, 1994, the Lord moved graciously into our lives.  The best way to describe it was that it was like a “River of His Presence” that swept us into the greater purposes of God.  What God did in our midst was life changing, and for many a impartation of the Spirit of God so changed their lives they could never return to just being in meetings without expectation. The level of anticipation was transforming all by itself, our worship reached into the heavens, and a powerful dynamic of releasing a new atmosphere of intimacy came into our services. We could not go back to whatever it had been before and did not want to. It was as though the corporate faith of Heritage demanded an encounter with God. The inarticulate cry of our heart was answered, and we were able to express the deep longings of our souls with a genuine readiness to respond to whatever God was speaking at the moment.

Lives have been forever changed, ministries were born and reignited, despair became a tool of development that God could use to fashion us into vessels of honor. It became a place of the second chance, and men and women came looking for the God of the second chance. Change became more than just a word, it became a battle cry! Along with it, marching orders were given that would not allow people to go back to their broken past. The yoke destroying, burden-lifting anointing of God was on demand, and men, women, boys, and girls were fed from God’s table for hungry souls. The wind of God filled men’s sails, and the purpose of God was manifest as we came to receive from His hand.

The weary, whipped, worried, wasted, winsome, wacky, winded, wrestled, worn out, wounded, weeping, wanton, wandering, washed up, will-less, wanting, and wordless came from out of nowhere. It truly became like a mash unit behind enemy lines at times, a place to begin recovery of all that had been stolen away. God tagged us, and we entered the war zone armed with what seemed to be an infusion of faith in God.

It has been the most exhilarating assignment that God could ever give a local body. Missions have been born and missionaries sent forth. Teachers have been challenged by the presence of God to discover, not only the secrets of The Book, but also to teach with a dependency on the  Spirit of the One who inspired the writers of the Word of God in the first place. There is, of course, no way we could list all that God has done.  We just simply want to thank Him for all that He has done in our lives . We have learned an even greater lesson, and that is what God is doing in us is more important than what God does through us. We have taken an uncompromising approach to all this.  Early on we learned not to get caught up in the experiences that God has given us, but in God who has given us the experiences.  Our past is not our future, and we look back at all that we have seen and heard, not for preference sake, but only for reference sake.

Thank you for your marvelous support of the River Meetings and special services that have been an outgrowth of a corporate encounter with God.


Your loving Pastors,

Cleddie & GayNell Keith


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