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I have met people who seemed to have been born with a rear view mirror in their brain. Most of their conversation is about the past. They spend so much time in their conversation speaking about the past, it can become frustrating just to listen to their stories. Granted, there are some things in my past that I would like to remember to be altogether honest. There are some things I simply want to forget. I am sure you realize some things are a little harder to forget than others.

Have you ever heard of people who can remember every moment of everyday of their lives? They say there are about 12 of these individuals in the world. I have met people who could not remember where or who they were with yesterday, let alone recall what they did last week. If you ask them, they will say "I just don' t remember". That is one phrase we will never hear God say. He does not forget things, he simply chooses not to remember things we ask Him to forgive us for. I, for one, like that about God.

This week, as we face the New Year, we realize that just because the calendar changed marking the days of our lives, some things did not change just because we entered a new calendar year. That being said, there are some things that I desire to change, and it will require my utmost attention to see to it that changes are made. We cannot sit around wishing things were different. We have to aggressively face the things we desire to change. Some changes don’t come easy. You could say they don’t come by just sitting on the couch, they come with an “ouch”. Changes will not come when you continue to lie in bed. Don’t roll over, “roll out”. Some changes will not come because you care, they will only come by prayer.

My garage has a way of gathering junk, clutter, old shoes, tools, and even other people’s belongings that I will never use. If it is going to be different, I am going to have to take the initiative to change it. It is the same way with our live if we are going to change things ourselves. Did you gather any clutter in 2014? Did you allow anything to slip away that is an important part of who and what you are? As we face 2015, we need to take an inventory of what we want to change. They will not just inadvertently go away or begin again. I encourage you, as a friend, to join us as we enter the year with prayer and fasting. There may be some things that God will put his finger on and spotlight for you to remove from the repertoire called your life. I am going to face 2015 with fasting and prayer.

Join with us each morning from 6 - 7 am or nightly from 6:45 - 8 pm as we FACE THE NEW YEAR WITH CHANGE IN YOUR FUTURE.

I believe in you!

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