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Something to think about: What I offer, God takes. What God takes, He cleanses. What He cleanses, He fills, and what He fills, He uses. I have learned that there are several types of the Holy Spirit in the scripture. Let me illustrate: Wind, Fire, Oil, Water, and a dove are a few which help me make a point. Wind can change, come and go. Fire will go out if not fed. Oil will dissipate, and water will evaporate, not to mention that the dove can fly away.

My desire is that those to whom we have the privilege of ministering will understand that God’s desire is for us to live a devotional life. Worship is not just periodic acts or weekly visits to a place of worship, but it is a lifestyle.

Herein is the tell-tale sign of a true worshipper. “He that says he abides in Him OUGHT, to walk even as Jesus walked.” It makes sense to me that a person overflows with what he or she is filled with, and you don’t know whether or not you are filled until you overflow. I know a glass is full when it overflows.

I was asked a question many years ago that can be asked daily. Will the blessing last? My answer then and now is simple, i.e., THE BLESSER WILL. Your question might be, “Will the glory fade in the lives of those whom God cleanses, fills, and uses? The answer is important. It is not God’s will just to bless you, but to bring many sons into glory. The idea is not that one day in the sweet bye and bye we will be like Him; but, it is His desire that we become more like Him each and every day. This is how you can prevent the fading glory. Today, it is my prayer that men will see glory on your face and mine, His glory that lets people know that we have been with Jesus.

I believe in you!

We love you,

Pastors Cleddie and GayNell

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