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Position yourself for an encounter with God in the month of January thru prayer and fasting. Join the Redeem Team! Redemptive intercession begins January 4th - 30th.

Unite with us corporately, as we come together as one body and seek His face. Choose your days of fasting.

7 day fast: 4th - 10th

21 day fast: 4th - 24th

3 day fast: 28th - 30th

Daniel’s fast: 25th - 27th

Weekly: Thursdays from sunrise till sunset.


Acts 10: 9 - 13

1. Position yourself for an encounter with God. (God speaks to those

who are quiet.)

2. Overcoming religious prejudice. It was in fasting that Peter overcame his religious prejudice. He didn’t stop being a Jew the day he was saved.

3. Overcoming temptation fasting is a memorial to the original sin. Eve allowed sin to enter the human race thru eating the forbidden fruit.

In fasting, I say to myself, “You don’t own me”, and say to God, “You do!”.

Fasting without prayer is just not eating.

Fasting is a gift from God to bridle carnal passions.

We Believe in You,

Cleddie & GayNell Keith

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