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I see into the future: A rising intensity of fear coming upon the earth. Therefore, as your pastor, I want to give you some insight into how to overcome fear. These are one-liners that I have collected through the years, and I am sure you will want to share them with your family and friends. I am just thinking out loud, but sometimes you just have to do this because the time demands it.

I learned in all our travels and life experiences that the man who fears God really has little or nothing to fear. What I see today, is a constant barrage of fear being spewed out on mankind, and fear will make a two legged negative out of you if you listen to enough of it. Fear will cause you to take a negative approach to everything. You can be paralyzed by fear as easily as being stopped by a stun gun. It will cause you to be afraid to attempt anything.

Do you know there are 365 “fear not’s” in the Bible? The number 365 does not mean that you have to use one each and every day. It just reminds us that God gives us plenty of reason not to fear.

Our daughter, Krista, was afraid of dogs so I bought her one. Being from a family of ironworkers, I have some stories to tell. My Uncle Dan Sellers, fell 100 feet out of a television tower he was building (that is the equivalent of a 10 story building ). Like a monkey, he caught the cross beams of the tower every ten feet causing him to swing in and out of the tower. What would you have done, gone home for the day? No question about it; and you probably would have never climbed a steel structure again. Uncle Dan was a legend. He climbed back up and finished the day. He knew he had to face his fear. I know people who do not drive, will not fly, will not go to doctors, and the list goes on and on. Those are the people who have allowed fear to conquer them instead of challenging them. I think a good lesson to learn is, face your fears. Faith has a way of making mole hills out of mountains.

We believe in you!

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