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You would have a hard time adding to the word Mother. The word, Mother, stands alone like the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor. The word Mother, to Benjamin was only that which he learned from how much his father loved his mother, Rachel. You have to believe that he was able to see his mother through the loving eyes of his father, for his mother died at his birth.

There is an unnamed mother mentioned briefly in I Samuel 4:19-22. She symbolizes the woman who gives birth to a child after she has received word of her husband's death in battle. She also symbolizes the mother who succumbs to dark, despairing hopelessness. She named her child, Ichabod, saying, "The glory has departed from Israel." What a sad tale, what a horrible fate to face as a child for you mother to die at your birth.

Can you imagine the questions? What would your father have to tell you about your mother if that had been your case? Years ago at Heritage, we had one of the young mothers of the Fellowship pass away as a cancer victim. It was a hard day to watch two boys say good-bye to their mother for the last time. I was at a pharmacy recently and noticed the familiar last name on the pharmacist’s jacket. I asked him if he was one of the boys, and he said, “Yes, I am.” His mom would have been so proud of him. She was loved by our Fellowship and missed greatly.

The Bible has a lot to say about the role of a mother, but the verse in Ezekiel 16:44 covers a broad stroke on the canvas of life, "As is the mother, so is her daughter." My mother’s name was Golda, and she had a golden influence  on me that shaped my life. She was fun, spiritual, loving, caring, giving, praying, faithful, and passionate about God. She was involved in my life but never told me what to do. She left me to figure that out.

I have watched mothers all my life, and I have learned from them. I especially remember my mother-in-love, Sister Weathers, whom I very rarely called her by her first name. To be honest with you, I was afraid to because I think she would have told God that I was losing my respect for others, especially her, which, by the way, I never have. She was the unselfish mother to a host of us and made everyone welcome on the doormat of her life. I am away today preaching in Mexico as you read this, and my wife, GayNell, is with you today in church. She has taught me again and again what patience, virtue, and agape love really is, and I am proud to say that she is the mother of my children.

I believe in mothers and I believe in you!

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