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A couple of weeks ago eight or ten people were sitting around a table on the back deck of Pastor Cleddie and GayNell Keith’s home. It was a social time for young married couples, and we were laughing and talking. The guests included a couple from outside our church who had been invited to join us. This man and wife have been greatly blessed by God and have, in turn, greatly blessed the Kingdom of God. The man turned to Pastor Cleddie and made one of the most profound statements concerning giving that I have heard. He said “We always give; but, sometimes God tells us to give much more.”

On the surface that remark seems so simple that I am not sure everyone at the table even caught the importance of what he was saying. In my heart, I believe this may be the key to the success of this family.

First, “We always give...” actually sets the expectation of the Body of Christ. It is understood that we will be givers. Jesus said, as if it was without question, in the Sermon on the Mount, “When you give...” It didn’t even occur to Him or those around Him that we shouldn’t be givers. As Christians we make giving a “lifestyle”. We cannot help but give because we have been blessed.

The second part of this visitor’s statement, “... but sometimes God tells us to give much more,” showed their dependence on the Holy Spirit to guide them in all things. This couple listens to the voice of God to be able to meet the greatest need.

I am so proud of Heritage Fellowship and the way each of you have responded to meet the need of our community. Thank you for hearing the voice of God and giving of yourselves, as well as giving financially. We are praying that much fruit will come from all of your sacrifice.

I believe in you,

Pastor Vernel Perry

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