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My long time friends Robert and Jo Ann Summers (Mrs. Jo as some of those who know her well lovingly call her), know the value of high places. Thirty years ago the Lord led them out to bring them in. This may seem like strange language, but it has always been the language of visionaries and dreamers. It would have seemed they could have been content in the little church in The Wildwood, which was nestled like a baby in the arms of a loving mother under the shadow of a hill in what we call the Hill County of Texas. Bluebonnets and Indian Blankets, which would proudly decorate a child’s Easter bonnet, paint the landscape each Spring. This is what they left behind, but not without a library of stories in both of their minds, i.e., stories of untoward young people finding life direction and heartbreak among those who did not follow on to know the Lord. But God! Have you ever thought about what happens to those who have no “But God” stories in their lives. Stories such as, “If it had not been for the Lord on our side”, or “He brought us out to bring us in”.

I had invited Robert to come and visit us at Heritage and speak shortly after I had come to Heritage. At the same time, Pastor Waymon Rogers had invited me to come and speak at a prayer vigil he was having at Prayer Mountain, which was a part of Evangel World Prayer Center at that time. Robert went with me, and, as always, the prophetic anointing that rests upon his life was in full gear. As Robert walked around the property, being the lover of nature he is, God spoke to him and told him he wanted one of these in Dallas. God had led him out to lead him in, and the dream for “PRAYER MOUNTAIN” exploded in his soul. God had given him a mandate, and God knew that he could trust Robert and Mrs. Jo with his dream. This past week, national prayer leaders from all over America and those representing dozens of denominations gathered together in Dallas to strategize and pray about our nation. You guessed it, I am sure. They gathered at the summit on Dallas Prayer Mountain, which would not have been there had Robert and Jo Ann not followed their God given passion. It is over 100 acres dedicated to prayer and the glory of God on the highest parcel of land in Dallas. No one was ever able to split Robert’s tongue and teach him to say, “Polly, wants a cracker”; and because of that, he took the high place, knowing the enemy always wanted the high place in battle. It was the high places that Israel had to capture again and again in the Old Testament. Robert marched into the purpose of God, walking on the stepping stones of miracles. Robert Summers is the author of “If The Mountains Could Speak”, and it is available on Amazon.

Our high place is on our knees. That is what the enemy wants to take from you, your lifestyle of prayer, because it is there we find our God given passion.


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