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Christ’s message rings in my ears throughout this special season. Christ, who is the Light of the World, says to his followers, “You are the Light of the World.” There is no discrepancy in these two statements.

I have passed hundreds of electric plants in the great cities of America and have watched the Niagara River feed the power plant on the Canadian border. But the true Light, which lights every man, is announced as The Light of the World.

How can this be?

First, by the position we take up. A lamp on the ceiling will cast far more light than a lamp sitting on the floor, and when we are connected to other’s lives, our light will be far brighter.

Second, by the character that is developed in us. You know how important character is by association with those in life who have none. A good question that can help us appreciate the value of character more is concealed in this simple question. Can you tell me of any eloquence so powerful as a good man’s life?

Third, by holy ambition to convert others from the error of their ways, we can see the value of our being a light in a dark world.

There are joys that we can call Christmas joy in keeping with this. We have an abiding joy because we are loved by the Father. We have the source of true joy in that God hears and answers prayer. We can daily rejoice in the fact that we have a great work to do for our God. We rejoice in the fact that we have a home prepared for us in the presence of the Father, John 14:11-23.

Let your character do some talking this week. Let your light shine and your joy be contagious.

I believe in you, I believe in the Virgin Birth, I believe in the King born in a manger, I believe, the Son of God is coming back again just like He said He would.

Merry Christmas

Pastors Cleddie and GayNell Keith

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