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Every pastor and church knows the need for a good pair of jumper cables to be available at church functions.  I could not even begin to count how many times I have had someone come to me after a church service to tell us that they need help with a dead battery. There are always those around who are willing to help, so out comes the jumper cables and up comes the hood of the cars.  Next, the question is, “Are you sure you have the negative jumper on the negative battery post and the positive on the positive battery post.”
More often than not, someone will say, “How can you tell which is which?” The answer is, of course, they are marked with a plus sign and a negative sign. In case you don’t know, they are plus (+) and minus (-).  It is simple as that. Sometimes, even with this instruction, the sparks fly. At that point, people jump instead of the car battery being jumped.  Mechanics can do this with their eyes closed. It is not a difficult thing even for a novice. Often, it is best to let the car run to build up the battery power and recharge it.
One of the words in the Greek that I find interesting is (OIKODOMEO), which means to “build up”.  Has your phone battery ever died when you need it most? That is when you need to recharge it.
My friend, David Littlewood, said that if Paul had a cell phone in the first century, he would have used this as an illustration when he spoke of being built up in the Holy Ghost. I have found it necessary to pray in my heavenly language when  my spiritual battery is depleted. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an indicator on your spiritual battery that told you when you are running low so that you could get a total recharge. 
You know that the Source of Power is always available, and you don’t have to go looking for a charging station as some do for their electric cars. When you need to be built up or feel as though you need a recharge, all you have to do, Beloved, is to BUILD YOURSELVES UP IN THE HOLY FAITH BY PRAYING IN THE HOLY GHOST.
We believe in you.
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