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Maybe we need to define this before someone comes along with a new definition or doctrine attempting to change the meaning of the word, LOST.

1. No longer possessed or retained: lost friends.

2. No longer to be found: lost articles.

3. Having gone astray or missed the way; bewildered as to place, direction: lost children.

4. Not used to good purpose, as opportunities, time, or labor; wasted: lost advantage.

5. Being something that someone has failed to win: lost prize.

6. Destroyed or ruined: lost ships.

Can you imagine a musician changing the words of the wonderful song AMAZING GRACE? Let me take a stab at how it may have sounded:

AMAZING GRACE, (whatever that means), THAT SAVED A WRETCH LIKE ME, (no need to admit or confess that) I ONCE WAS LOST, (let me rephrase that) I ONCE WAS, (maybe I should let some preacher tell me if I was lost or not. I don't think I should be to hard on myself. It may cause me to have poor self image)

It is not a ball game, mister. If it was, no man has the power to tell you just when the game will stop. The greatest win in life is that Christ has won your affections, and your devotion is to Him and Him alone.


A lost coin or a lost sheep are both of different value, but a lost son is of infinite value.

You can't continue to eat with the hogs and celebrate your return to the Father.

You can't continue to wear the prodigal's clothing stained by the corruption of the world around you and put the Father's covering over a sin-stained covering.

There is an identification and ring of Son-ship that is waiting on those who are really willing to return to the Father's house.

He is waiting for you.

We believe in you!

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