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The clock is ticking! As I watched the replay of an N.F.L. playoff game recently, I realized the two minute drill at the end of the game is critical. The teams have gone through these last minute plays over and over. It becomes second nature to them to know what each man is to do. There is no unfamiliarity with what the plays has been designed to do, and execution is paramount.

Paul exhorted the early church to redeem the time to live redemptively. It is one thing to sing about our redemption and still another to be used by God to be an instrument of change. Jude speaks of what it means to be redemptive, “Some save by fear, snatching them out of the fire.” Have you made an attempt “To become all things to all men that you, by all means, may save some.”?

Jesus told a story of redemption in a way that would speak to the poorest and the wealthiest. A coin was lost and finally found. A sheep was lost, and after great effort, found; and, ultimately, a son was lost and found. The story teller was leading them into an understanding that the one who was telling the story would one day pay the price for their redemption. If heaven rejoiced over a coin, a sheep, and a run-away son, how much more do they rejoice over the redeemed, i.e., those who are bought back at the price of blood, His precious blood.

The year 2016 is here, and your place on the Redeem Team is waiting on you! Look over the areas of ministry and ask the Lord where He needs you the most. Stoke your passion with a “Yes” today! The people offered themselves willingly in the day of His power. For your convenience, the hallway in the entrance has bulletin boards for you to see each area of ministry.

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