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The other night a lady gave me a book after a Friday evening River Meeting. It was in a brown paper bag, and after I read it I thought it was full of intoxicating ideas. I wondered how secular minds reviewed the book, so I read a few just to see. One of the reviews was succinct and to the point, “Rut-Reversing”. I have to be honest with myself when I read things that poke-my-box, which, by the way, is the name of the book.

Over the years traveling, as I have, to many different churches, I often ask people, “What do you do around here?” It is a legitimate question and a way I can get to know some of the people whom I have the privilege of ministering to and often with. I was surprised to see that was one of the questions the author asked of people in corporations who he is hired to inspire. He said he has often heard people describe their roles, their jobs, or their sets of task. He says that some people are self-limiting (one may say, “I sort the production reports on Thursdays," while others are more grandiose, “I’m responsible for our culture.”)

This is where I can chime in and say, “Neither have I, for I have never heard a staff member say, ‘I start stuff ‘." I have met some who have started stuff, but it is not always good stuff. Our friend who designed a great deal of the Ark Encounter said to me one day, “I just don’t understand why other believers have not seen things like this.”

That is a legitimate question. Why? It is not enough to have an idea. There are plenty of those. It is the spark of life, the motiving force.

I love this little Poke the Box book, and I recommend it: ISBN 978-10-936719-00-6 by: Seth Godin. He asked a pertinent question, “Where is the VP of starting?” How many no’s have to be surmounted before you get to a yes? Clearly there’s a guy in charge of the plant or the sales force, etc., but who is in charge of “YES”?

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