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To stop and think about it, there is no other time of the year which embraces the spirit of gratitude, graciousness, and giving more than the weeks counting down to Thanksgiving and Christmas.
As I was pumping gas one day this week and as I was standing there in a brisk wind with the bite of winter in it, I heard music playing. I had to listen for a moment and then was pleasantly surprised when I realized it was Christmas music. I have to admit it lifted my spirit to hear it being played. This is where the idea of THE SEASON OF WINGS came from. Thanksgiving has its own way of lifting us up.  It is like a adrenalin rush when you think about it. Paul said, “In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.  Yes, this is the SEASONS OF WINGS and all the more reason to give thanks to the Lord for all of His provision in our lives.
Christmas is connected with angels in that it was the angel choir who made His birth announcement in song. They all got in on it that day! There was a multitude of heavenly host who broke the stillness of the night with Joy to the World, and we still sing that song today.
THE SEASON OF WINGS is available to us all. With my hands lifted up, my heart filled with praise, and a heart of thanksgiving, I spread my wings.  I believe in you.
We Believe In You,
Cleddie and Gaynell

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