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These are the collected thoughts of Evangelist Charles Finney, written a hundred years ago. Truth has a way of enduring time and custom.

1. God has expressly informed us that if we regard iniquity in our hearts, He will not hear us.

2. You are uncharitable.

3. Censorious.

4. Self-dependent.

5. Resist conviction of sin.

6. Refuse to confess to all parties concerned.

7. Refuse to make restitution to injured parties.

8. You are prejudiced and uncandid.

9. You are resentful.

10. You have a revengeful spirit.

11. Have a worldly ambition.

12. You have committed yourself on some point, become dishonest, and neglect and reject further light.

13. You are denominationally selfish.

14. Selfish for your own congregation. (Very interesting).

15. You resist the teachings of the Holy Spirit.

16. You grieve the Holy Spirit by dissension.

17. You quench the Holy Spirit by persistence in justifying wrong.

18. You grieve Him by a want of watchfulness.

19. You resist Him by indulging evil tempers.

20. Also by dishonesties in business.

21. Also by indolence and impatience in waiting upon the Lord.

22. By many forms of selfishness.

23. By negligence in business, in study, and in prayer.

24. By undertaking too much business, too much study and too little prayer.

25. By a want of entire consecration.

Last and greatest regarding unbelief is this: You pray for enduement without expecting to receive it. "He that believeth not God, hath made Him a liar."

I bless you today because we all need that. I believe in you today, because that gives you faith to carry on, and we need you today because two are better than one. One puts a thousand to flight and two, ten thousand.

Cleddie and Gaynell Keith

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