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George Silkwood made an amazing statement that may encourage those who may feel as though God has forgotten them. He said, “The Lord’s hands would have to be cut off before He could forget me”. Isaiah had a very graphic way of expressing himself. When the anointed prophet of God wrote these words, God must have had you and I in mind. Isaiah 49:16 “BEHOLD, I HAVE GRAVEN THEE IN THE PALMS OF MY HANDS”. When I read this several years ago for the first time, I loved it, embraced it, and it became a part of my journey of faith.

I remember the The Singing Payne Family coming to Heritage many years ago. They sang a song that still is one of my favorites today, a song they had written, and God had blessed. The second verse says it all:

A look of love was on His face
The thorns upon His brow
The blood was on that scarlet robe
Stained in crimson red
Though His eyes were on the crowd that day
He looked ahead in time
When He was on the cross I was on His mind
He knew me
Yet He loved me
He whose glory makes the heavens shine
I’m not worthy of such mercy
But when He was on the cross
I was on His mind.

The good news is, you and I are still on His mind. Though a mother forgets her children, God will not forget you.

GayNell and I believe In you!

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