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This Far By Faith

How many times from the resurrection until this Lord’s Day do you think this scene has been repeated? A well-worn traveler is sitting on the side of the road. Her weariness is painted on her face. Her body shows the toll of being on a long journey, when someone stops to ask how far have you traveled little lady? Her answer and ours is the same, “This far by faith. ” forty years ago we used to sing:

“We have come this far by faith, leaning on the Lord; trusting in His holy word. He's never failed us yet. We can't turn-back, we've come this far by faith. Don't be discouraged with trouble in your life, He will bear your burdens and move all discord and strife...”

How did you make it this far, child of God? I know the answer, it is with the faith of a mustard seed. Arnold Schwarzkopf the American General said, “ I never trust a man who can’t cry”. You may have come this far with tears in your eyes. Your step may have slowed down a bit in life’s long and sometimes difficult journey; but, your personal testimony is still, “I came this far by faith”. Pele, the great soccer player, stood in Yankee Stadium as he was being honored at his last game. Thousands of fans came to see him just one last time. They took him to a microphone in the middle of the field and asked him to say something. Here is what he had to say, “LOVE, LOVE, LOVE”. He is remembered for his talent and sportsmanship, and people loved him. Yes, love will make the long road of life much easier and seem so much shorter. I learned this poem many years ago, and it has helped me in my walk of faith.

“The crossing was muddy, the street was wide. The water was running on either side. When, in the midst of the street, I chanced to pass a boy in the arms of a wee little lass. “Isn't he heavy my sweet little mother?” “Oh no, she replied he’s my baby brother.”

This far by faith, yes this far by faith.

We believe in you!

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