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Total Sacrifice and Total Resurrection Demand 100%

A southern book salesman knocked on the door of a rural Arkansas farm. The farmer came to the door, and the salesman, on top of his game, told the farmer he could farm twice as well if he purchased his best selling book on scientific agricultural farming. After listening to his sales pitch, the farmer said, “Son, I don’t farm half as well as I know how to”. I think you probably know where I am going with this, that Easter is a reminder to us all that we can do better with what we know versus what we are doing.

  • Easter reminds us of what Christ did for us and how little we seem to do for Him.
  • Easter reminds us of what Christ possessed and what He was willing to give.
  • Easter reminds us that Christ was an example of stewardship. Even unto death, he gave His life.
  • Easter reminds us of His sacrifice. He became the power to transform a life; and, when followed, can become the power to transform a believer’s life.
  • Easter reminds us, as dreaded as death is, death does not have the final word because Christ’s Resurrection is the believer’s hope.

All and more is in the Book, and our hope is also the hope of the world.

Several years ago, I was preaching in a church for my friend Norman Cox down in Western Kentucky. A young man stood up and made a statement that I wrote in the front of my Bible, “I wish we knew less and did more, instead of knowing so much and doing so little”.

The farmer in Arkansas is preaching at us today, and it is time to take his honesty to heart.

We believe in you and we wish you a wonderful Resurrection Sunday.

Cleddie and GayNell

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