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Three years ago I was asked to serve with Billy and Jonathan Price on the board of Hope Over Heroin. Some may remember one Sunday morning while I was preaching I stopped in the middle of the mes- sage and made this bold statement, “If I know anything about the mind of God, He will not leave me on the sideline when we are facing such a problem in our community with people overdosing on drugs.”

Three months later I was asked to serve on the board of this newly forming ministry. Seven years prior to this Billy Price and his brother Jonathan had taken a bold step and purchased a million dollars worth of outdoor stage, sound, and lighting equipment to reach the masses. I love it when I hear Billy and Jonathan say, “ We’ve never had a drink or even smoked, and look at what God has called us to do.” Then Billy says, tongue in cheek, “My problem was, I was full of myself.” Say, “Hello,” somebody!

In three years of outdoor concerts from West Virginia, Kentucky, South Dakota, Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, Evil Knievel Day Event, to Sturgis Biker Rally, North to South Ohio, and Indiana, come rain or shine, they have followed the mandate of the Great Commission, “GO!”


Pure and simple: It is the gospel of Jesus being preached in word and song. With a multimedia display of people sharing their personal testimonies of being changed by the power of God. A few thousand have made the decision to follow Christ, and several hundred have been baptized in water right on the spot.

It is believers like you and I embracing the call to do what we can to offer hope to a dying world. It’s not just about the drug pandemic. It’s not just about Heroin. It is about HOPE for families, HOPE for the lost, HOPE for the communities, HOPE for the next generation. It is about HOPE for the world!

I have traveled with Billy, Jonathan, and the City on the Hill team and have found them to be the most unselfish Chris an people I have ever met. They live to serve.

Recently, Billy sent me the following. It may help you to see his heart and your own as I saw mine when I read it.


Every person is precious. I forget that sometimes, and I mistakenly behave as if only I am the recipient of that designation. People can be wrong. I can be wrong. But the life that God has given is precious.

I am a conveyor. What do I convey? The problem or the solution? Surely the problem is truly a problem, or we wouldn't need a solution.

But how do I convey to a precious person the solution to the problem? I have no idea. So Holy Spirit come.

I forgive all of the people that have ignorantly damaged me. I ask forgiveness for any portrayal of hurt that I have ignorantly caused.

I forgive the people that didn't love me as much as I loved them. I ask forgiveness for the ones I didn't love enough.

Are you the problem or the solution? Am I the problem or the solution? I suppose that is only answered by the self-examination in which you or I choose to engage.

Do I question myself as much as I question others? Do I allow voices that should be silenced to distract me from self-examination? Do I attract others who will bolster my own madness in every situation, or do I cling to others who will call me on my own delusions?

Every life is precious. Every life has problems. Every life has a solution.

I am the conveyor to Jesus.

We Believe in You,

Pastors Cleddie & Gaynell

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