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What is the Greatest Demonstration of Love?

“God loves you more than you have loved your sin.”

When we look into the Holy Bible we find many stories of love and sacrifice, but they all pale in comparison to the love that Christ has for us. How do you repay such an indescribable love?

The book of Philippians is called the joy book of the Bible, yet it was written while Paul was in jail. I love the verse found in Chapter 1: 21. “For me to live is Christ”.

Three words say it all, “me”, “live”, and “Christ”. “Me” and “Christ” is a snapshot of Union.


This is no superficial union. “When Christ who is my life shall appear, I shall be like Him for I shall see Him as He is.” John had a real eye-opener on the Isle of Patmos. The Holy Spirit showed him the true state of some believers. A case in point is that one of the 7 churches had a name indicating they were alive, but they were dead.

Why would the Holy Spirit put an emphasis in scripture in regard to husbands and wives in Ephesians recorded like this “Husbands honor, respect, love your wives like you love your own body”? Continuing this line of reason Paul writes, “Wives respect your husbands as Sarah did calling him, ‘Lord’.” God seems to spotlight this, and why do you think this is? Love without reverence is mere sentiment, and God knows what it is like to have mere sentiment. It is certainly not love.

J.H. Jowett said, “True love without reverence is a destructive fever; reverence without love is a perpetual frost.” Have you ever noticed that the love we have for Christ is born out of his sacrifice and suffering. Today, join me as I make a faith declaration, “For me to live is Christ.”

For a person to live this way, they would have to make every circumstance in their life pay tribute to Christ.

(Bengel) thoughts collected from: The School of Calvary

I believe in you and I believe in Calvary!

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