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Resurrection Hope

Resurrection Hope

My thoughts have turned to the drama of the Easter Story. In spite of the immediate global crisis, with millions impacted and quarantined, we have entered the season of resurrection hope. Once again, we remember the manhood of Christ. We also remember He died for mankind as a man. How can a person expect to enter into heaven if they do not confess the one who has the keys to the door.


Easter will be celebrated around the world, and nothing can depreciate or dilute the value of His resurrection from the heart of the born again believer. The scripture teaches us Greater love has no man than this, than to lay down His life for His friends”. The celebration of Easter is a demonstration of the ultimate sacrifice of Christ for the church on the cross.

Spring is a wonderful reminder of resurrection life, even though we are all having to practice social distancing and are quarantined to only necessary travel. Spring in the air helps alleviate some of the cabin fever our families and children are experiencing. I think we all realize how important the church family is as our churches are closed. I miss my friends and the fellowship of the saints. We are checking to see if it will be possible to expand our parking lot services by installing a jumbo screen in the lower parking lot for Easter Sunday Morning.

None of us knew what challenges we would face in 2020, but this is more than anyone could have expected. However, I want to thank all of you for supporting us with your prayers. Seeing how much you love the Heritage family is revealed through your financial support of our vision and the ministry of the church.

Thank you for your faithfulness.
Cleddie Keith


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