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Special Mother's Day Note

Special Mother's Day Note

Never before have we come face to face with a Mother’s Day when we could not personally celebrate our Mother’s Day with the mothers of our church family. I wanted to take just a moment to express my love for all the mothers of Heritage. The year 2020 has brought us many new challenges, and I am not sure that I would have been able to navigate through them without the Godly influence my mother passed on to me. I have told you a lot about my mother over the years. You may laugh when I say this, but she was the first eclectic person I ever knew. She loved life and was fun; but, when problems arose, she would go curl up on her bed and pray herself to sleep. It always worked for her. She called it, “sleeping it off”. She loved colors and bright flowered print dresses and expensive shoes. There was never a dull moment when she was in the mix. She was really like one of the boys. My childhood friends would always ask about her when I came across their paths as life went on.

Our old green 1950 Ford F-150 pick up truck was our amusement park. She taught us to have fun. There were no seat belts in the truck bed. We would be jammed in the back like we were sardines if it was a football team from junior high school or high school. That was what she did because that is what she was. She was our evangelist and she was fun. At this point, I do not know of one of my childhood friends who died without Christ.

You may be the closest thing to heaven your children’s friends will ever know. Use your influence on their lives, and like me, you will always cherish the influence and love of your mother.

We love all of our Heritage moms!

Cleddie Keith



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