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Who Do You Let Use You?

Who Do You Let Use You?

For over half a century I have watched from the bleachers as some people allow everyone uses them. Think
about it families allow family members to use them night and day. Their time is consumed by those who
demand that they spend time with them, and if they do not, it means that they do not love them. This is co
-dependency on the lowest level. Christianity is self-explanatory, in that our lives are to be laid down for
one another. There is a fine line between God using a person and people using a person. Have you ever
heard of boundaries? It is possible to be so available to people that you have no time to be available to


It is Christmas time in the city and the message does not have to be hidden. Wouldn’t it be great if we let
God use us this year when so many people may need a word of encouragement. Maybe they could us a
little peace and goodwill on earth during the dark days of 2020. Knowing that we are Christ’s gift to the
world should be all the inspiration we need

To Go Tell It On the Mountain or on the job. I am on a mission
to let everyone know that Jesus Christ is born. He lived
and He died for the sins of the whole world. We are
Emanuel’s Evangelist with Good News to share.

I BELIEVE IN YOU. As Christ Gift to the world,
Let God Use You,

Cleddie Keith

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