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In light all the controversy surrounding the reversal of ROE VS WADE, I feel it necessary to remind you that what is gained by intercession is kept by intercession. This is not a time to be silent but to be pro-active and to keep praying and becoming more involved in the local issues and the grass roots issues of the election process. Bill McGrane has told us that only 300 votes can change a local election. So, knowing this we now know for certain our votes count. I was blessed in the primaries by going into the voting station and finding the Pasquerella’s working there, you could do this as well. Ladies and gentlemen, we must get involved. Times, they are a changing as the old song goes.

I have been thinking about the DEFECTORS today, those who are defectors from the constitution. They are deep into the philosophy of situation ethics and their spin on things is not only unconstitutional it is blatant rebellion against conscience and the MORAL GOVERNMENT OF GOD.

There is it seems a spirit of defection permeating our culture at this time in history. Thinking along this line, I think it is glaringly evident that there is a defection from truth in many churches on our watch. Denominations have turned against THE APPLE OF GOD’S EYE, ISRAEL, by buying in to the coexistence philosophy. However, this is not the only sign of DEFECTION.

There is also the danger of personal defection:

The first step is, the LOSS OF VISION! “Where there is no vision the people perish.” I would add, no redemptive vision. Some start out toward the goal but the cares of life creep in and God is no longer first in their lives and they leave their first love. They are leaving God to say, “I have SOMEWHAT against them BECAUSE THEY HAVE LEFT THEIR FIRST LOVE.” Is it possible that in the so called grace message that is being preached in some churches today that God could have some WHAT’s against us?

The second step in defection is: OBSESSION WITH THE WORLD, “life has a way weakening our
resolve to follow on to know the Lord.” Our passion for spiritual things is subdued by current events. DAILY HEADLINES SOFTEN OUR PERSISTENCE and the magnetic hold of hope for a bright future is dimmed and dammed by the incessant chatter of media and talking heads.

The third step toward defection section:
You may ask why I call it THE DEFECTION SECTION because birds of a feather flock together. I have found that defectors tend to merge with one another somewhere along the way. “Any man who puts his hand to the plow and looking back is not fit for the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN.” They will follow the pathway of excuses to defect from the call on their lives.

The fourth step toward defection is the drift that leads to going back all together:
Here is the scenario…DRIFT/STOP/ GOING BACK. I call it the eccentric spiral when a man starts at the center, CHRIST, and then begins to spiral farther and farther away from Christ and His teachings. He then begins to write his own rules and regulations as we see happening in people lives and culture today.
I personally want to thank all of you for your appreciation for our special speakers and guests for 2022 End Time Passion Conference last week.

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