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How can we hear news that is like the roar of a radio whose knob has been broken and daily stuck on the same disturbing message of a world gone mad? How can we see the images of men in orange and lifeless bodies of children and not be moved to rise up against the wicked in this evil day?

How can we disengage from a world where the bell is tolling so loudly that putting our fingers in our ears can never drown out the planet-shaking percussions?

How can we turn away from the reality of a world which a loving God cared for so much that He allowed His Son to die at the hands of His own creation?  How can we question the call of a groan coming out of the cities where justice has died along with innocents? How? Tell me how can we, with indifference, ignore the ache in our own hearts for the lost and dying when we have been given the only message of hope?

Have we become so lost in the scientific that we have now allowed the Savior to bow His knee to man? Have we made our bed with the opinions of those who now worship their own intellect?

Did you know that Jeremiah was in sympathy with God as the Weeping Prophet. His tears were not wasted!

We believe in you!

Cleddie and GayNell Keith

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