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"Lesson's learned in Revival"

Mine is a revival heart, and I don't say this out of pride, but out of a hunger to see His church operating at full throttle. A smart car owner doesn't wait until their car breaks down on the side of the road to take it to a mechanic. If they begin to think something is not working the way it was engineered to run, today they take it in to have it electronically analyzed. Back in the day before metric tools and computer calibrated motors, my uncle Elsworth always had a long screw driver he used for one specific thing. He would place the tip of the screw driver on the motor block, lean over the fender, put his ear on the plastic handle, and listen to how the motor was running. I watched as he took distributors and carburetors apart looking for what caused the car to "miss," as he would say. He would diagnose the motor with his ear. He was able to fine tune an engine just by listening to it, and was able to determine what needed to be changed. I find myself doing something very similar when I am speaking with people to see if they have a revival heart.

I have collected several noodles for myself on the subject of revival. You may ask what is a noodle? A noodle is a mental doodle.

For instance, in regard to the issues of commitments, Rick Reener had this to say, “The true level of one’s commitment isn’t tested by good times, but by times of conflict and disagreement. “

It’s easy to walk together when you agree with the one you call your spiritual authority and you’re having a good time together. But what happens when you disagree or experience a conflict in your relationship? My conviction is that we live with a scope to our eye like a big game hunter. Our target is to, “Aim at peace with all men, and holiness without which no man can see God”. It is called a one mind and one accord ambition, and God is never to far from harmony in the hearts of men.

We believe in you!

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