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50 years!!! Now that's a rarity that deserves to be celebrated. To say that time flies, only slightly describes the way I feel. My mom and dad have a love that has inspired, motivated, and challenged, not just me, but all who know them. I can count on one hand the arguments they've had in their five decades of marriage. Has it been perfect? No, but what marriage is? To me it's been as close to perfection as it gets.

Their love has withstood a battery of tests. To be the wife of a pastor is every bit a high calling as being a pastor. Full time means long hours, as well as being constantly “on call”. That never divided them, but united them.

Dad, to me, has been a juggler who also does a balancing act. He could minister overseas and still make it home in time for special events, i.e., birthdays, pageants, soccer games, etc.

Mom was, and still is, the stabilizer. She is a constant presence and strong anointed woman of faith. She has always been there for me and so many others.

People ask, “Are you a mamma's boy or a daddy’s boy?”. I am the combination of both, a “MAD” boy. I'm both Mom’s and Dad’s, and proud of it.

Dad invested in me by taking me on missions trips around the world, allowing me speak when he heard the voice of God for me to do so. When at home, Mom taught me how to be a caring, loving, kind, and a compassionate gentleman. Because of them, I've had the best.

They never cease to amaze me. Teamwork is their strength. I would always tell people neither of them wear the pants, but both share a leg. There are no control or power trips, only love, affection, and warmth as awesome role models.

Happy 50th Mom and Dad! Love you!

Your son, Kyle

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