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It is time to have an all out rebellion against the things you consider impossible. I am declaring a mutiny on unbelief, because whatever is not of faith is sin. I am taking names of those who will join me in this all out mutiny of those who know that some things, humanly speaking, are impossibilities; but with God everything is possible.

It is important to have a good cause if you are going to align yourself with a coup. A “COUP” is a pretty major achievement, whether it involves taking over a government by force or a corporation.

You may even question my use of words, but why would some people continue to struggle with humanly speaking impossibilities while knowing, “All things are possible to those who believe.”?

So this is the day you can make up your mind to put doubt and fear in its rightful place. Why don’t you do it right now? Take your stand on the Word of God and doubt your doubts and believe your beliefs. You have been governed by impossibilities too long; but no longer will you allow this tyrant dominate you like Caesar, the Pharaohs, or even like the Babylonian Empire did to the children of Israel.

Today, October, 16th, 2016, I declare war on things thought Impossible because God can do what no other power can do. I choose the Lord, the maker of heaven earth, knowing that He is the maker of the stars and that He is Lord over all my problems and needs. I am a believer, not a doubter. I am see it, say it, and receive it knowing that no enemy can prosper against me. I will not settle for anything less than what God has promised. I know the Lord will make a way for me just like He said He would, for God is bigger than all my problems and bigger than all my needs!

Our message has not changed because God has not changed, and 35 years later we can still say:


You don’t have to be defeated, All you need is faith in God.

If you trust him in the valley, He will see you through the storm.

Life sometimes seems to crowd us; In each moment there is alarm.

But when you trust Him in the valley, He will see you through the storm.

Trials only help to mold us, Here we learn of his sweet rest.

I can tell all who do not know Him, In the valleys I’ve been blessed.

So I’ll trust Him in this valley.

And by faith I’ll pass the test.

For I know my Father’s purpose Is to share with me His best.

You don’t have to be defeated, All you need is faith in God.

If you trust Him in your valley, He will see you through your storms.

I wrote these words 35 years ago when I first came to Heritage. My message has not changed. We love you and thank you for all these wonderful years of family and shared blessings.

Your loving pastors

Cleddie and GayNell Keith

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