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Taking a Moment of Thanking

I have taken people from different parts of the world to see the Cincinnati Reds play baseball at the Great American Ball Park. Trying to explain the game is a lot harder than you may think. In baseball you learn a lot more about the game by playing the game, than watching a game.

As a kid, I always wanted to hit the ball when it was my turn to bat, but that is not always best for the team. Baseball is a team sport, and the team benefits when you play the game to win, not just to improve your statistics. Good players learn this early on, and coaches that win are able to teach their players the importance of playing the game as a team. This is the only way to win. If you never lose, you are either very lucky or you have not played the game very often.

The art of the game is to learn from your failures. I read a line in a book the other day that is playing over and over in my head. “If you succeed often enough, you will be given the privilege of failing next time.”

I watched the children and workers who returned from camp last week as they put their whole heart into the songs and human video’s they did for us. Did you notice that the workers eyes were not on the crowd but on the children they worked with at camp?

It made me think of what is called a sacrifice play in baseball, or a sacrifice bunt. The batter is taught to move the runners on base forward and closer into scoring position. They have to sacrifice their statistics for the team’s benefit.

That is why I am Taking a Moment for Thanking. I want to thank each and every one who took off their jobs to go to camp, work, and make it the best camp ever. Pastor Sean and Jayna and all the volunteers made a SACRIFICE TO MOVE YOUR CHILDREN CLOSER TO HOME. ASK YOUR CHILDREN WHO THEY ARE, AND GO OUT OF YOUR WAY TO THANK THEM.



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