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"Pray for one another"

Can you imagine how many times I have heard those words? For many, they struggle with the idea of prayer. For me, I know the power of prayer and the wonderful things God does when people come into agreement.

I was born into a family where prayer was not just something we did periodically. It was the lifeline of our existence. My mother and father lived to pray and prayed to live. Our house phone was the number you called if you needed a miracle, and it rang night and day. I believe in prayer, and I believe that God hears and answers the prayers of faith. My father preached faith when other preachers seem to attempt to preach faith away. I can remember and tell stories from my childhood of God meeting our needs and providing for us when things looked the very worse. God has always proved Himself faithful.

I grew up in a praying Christian home where we prayed over everything. It was our way of life. I have always made life choices by praying first for God's will to be done in my life. Prayer is the key to heaven, but faith unlocks the door are not just words of a song to me.

Words are so easily spoken, but it is faith that unlocks the doors of life. So, whatever you may be facing, take a message from me as your friend, "Cast your burden on the Lord and leave it there."

I am truly thankful for the blessing of seeing firsthand the value of prayers. I am sure my parent’s prayers were instrumental in shaping my life, and my prayer is that it will be an encouragement to the grandkids. My children like to tease me about the way I pray when something alarming happens. I pray the name of Jesus real fast three times, “JESUS, JESUS, JESUS”. What is even more humorous is when I hear Krista and Kyle doing the same thing. This past week has been a “JESUS, JESUS, JESUS” week.

So thank you for praying for us.

We believe in you!

GayNell & The Irishman's Flea (i.e. Cleddie)

(Written by GayNell Keith)

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