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Prayer Waves

Prayer Waves

Most have heard and been fascinated by radio and television waves. I still remember the thrill I felt, as a boy when a radio receiver I built actually picked up the signal of a local radio station. Do you realize that it is actually very simple to pick up radio signals? For instance, just tapping the terminals of a 9-volt battery with a coin will create radio waves that an AM radio can receive!

At this moment, there may be more prayer waves moving throughout the earth than at any one point in history. It is possible that you and I could start prayer waves in the nations of the earth on a scale never before considered. Have you ever heard of “THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT” in regard to weather patterns? The late Edward Lorenz posed the question, “Does the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas?” The answer to that question probably differs from what you’ve heard. The concept referred to as “the butterfly effect” has been embraced by popular culture, used to describe the greater significance of minute occurrences. In the 1990 movie Havana, Robert Redford, playing the role of Jack Weil, a gambler with a knack for math, proclaims to his co-star, Lena Olin, that “a butterfly can flutter its wings over a flower in China and cause a hurricane in the Caribbean.” Could it be that we are seeing this very effect at the present hour, as a wave of prayer creates a tsunami soon to sweep the earth, in accordance with 2 Chronicles 7:14?

Having considered the exponential decay of the modernized church, where all too often everything is in the showroom with very little in the storeroom, it may be good to consider the need in our present global situation to once again find the secret of exponential growth. How can we see an example of exponential decay in everyday life?
One way is to look at the process of a kettle cooling once the heat is turned off. This example leads to the conclusion that every process with a speed of change proportional to its value exhibits the exponential dependency. What, pray tell, is the value of God’s people humbling themselves, repenting of their sins, turning from their wicked ways and hearing from heaven? God’s answer is by all means telling: He will heal their land.

The WAVE OF PRAYER can be seen in the book of Acts, chapters 12 and 16. Here we find two similar stories of God’s intervention. In Acts 12, Peter is miraculously broken out of jail by an angel. Thinking it was only a dream, he did not awaken to the reality of what had happened until the angel who led him out of prison disappeared. The story goes like this, “prayer was made without ceasing of the church for Peter.” Peter then said, “Now I know for sure that God sent His angel and has delivered me out of the hand of Herod.” Then in Chapter 16, Paul and Silas prayed and sang, even in their midnight hour. The wave of prayer by the church created an earthquake which shook the foundations of the prison they were in at that time. The doors were opened and the shackles fell off all of the prisoners. A roman jailer was saved when the foundations of his employment fell apart. The wave of prayer brought that jailer and his whole household to salvation.

This PRAYER WAVE I am speaking of is the collective prayer of believers around the earth. They are being heard and before we call, the answer is already on the way.
I stood in the Mercedes-Benz Dome in January and saw one of the greatest college football games ever played, for the National Championship. During the game, the fans did what is called “the wave” and, to be honest with you, it did not affect the outcome of the game, at all. However, the PRAYER WAVE of which I speak will affect the earth until He comes!


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Cleddie Keith
March 24, 2020


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